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brain magic!

one of the things i miss most about being a kid is all the really odd associations i would make between different things, due mostly from my ignorance of them. for example i remember when i was like 8 or 9, this kid would get on my bus every morning shortly after i got picked up at my stop. and i always thought he smelled like egg nog. If this sounds like a weird accusation to make, it gets even more confusing when you consider the fact that back then i had never actually tasted or smelled egg nog before in my life, and i never actually smelled any odor coming off this kid either. i just had an idea in my mind of what something called "egg nog" should smell like,  and then decided that this kid had an appearance that resembled the personification of my own personal mental construction of what egg nog might be, never having experienced it myself. The exquisite nonsense of this logic is one of my most magical childhood memories.

A couple years later this kid and i actually became friends, and continued to be mostly all through middle school ... i quickly realized the idiocy of my egg nog suspicions, but every so often, up through my adolescence, whenever i hung out with him i would sniff the air to see if i could detect the faint scent of egg nog just to be sure.


i want to know who the kid was.
ok.. but the internets would be a bad place to divulge information of this nature.
foiled again!

June 2009

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